Don't Just Worship Krishna, Learn From Him.


Posted by Sahil Singh on September 11, 2016

We all know how mischievous Krishna was during his childhood. We really adore his cute and funny actions. That's why Krishna is also known as Makhanchor, Murli Manohar, Vasudev and many others. He became the heartthrob of entire Vrindavan and Mathura. Almost everyone who has heard or read the greatest Indian epic 'Mahabharata' knows the pivotal role Shri Krishna played.

Most our life is spent in a to & fro motion from home to office, living in this materialistic world. It is often said that if we could manage our worklife, we have a happy social life too. The best leaders are the individuals who made lives simple for other by setting an example, throughout the history. So the major teachings from Lord Krishna's life? Here you go...

Krishna Lessons Image Courtesy - Isckon Temple (Juhu, Mumbai).

Lessons Which Should Be Learnt From Krishna's Life

  • Lesson #1: Never give up on what you love
  • Krishna really loved playing musical tunes on his flute. He never stopped playing that even during adverse situations of 'Kurukshetra' war. Never forget your hobbies and passions. They truly breathe new life into you when you're overwhelmed.
  • Lesson #2: Selfless service to our fellow man
  • Krishna never did anything to get in return. From start to finish, his life was one of selfless service. All that he did was for the benefit of other beings. He helped people at Vrindavan during adverse situations. He lifted up 'Govardhan Parvat' to save the village folks from heavy rains. Always remember being of service to mankind is considered as being of service to God.
  • Lesson #3: Unconditional love
  • When you give love unconditionally, you will receive love in return. Krishna's life was all about divine love. He also practiced unconditional love while offering 'mukti' (enlightenment) to his devotees. "Love all, serve all" - This is something that we can take and practice in our own lives.
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  • Lesson #4: Don't forget to enjoy your today
  • In spite of knowing what will happen tomorrow, Krishna always took time to enjoy and live in moment. Don't get disheartened due to various bad circumstances. Staying mindful and present can make things much easier. So simply enjoy to the fullest.
  • Lesson #5: Stay humble no matter what
  • Show respect to everyone, and they will show respect to you. Krishna was always humble and showed respect to his elders- whether it was his parents, teachers or even enemies. He performed his duties with full on commitment. He faced so many adversities right from his birth. But dealt with everyone of them with a smile on his face.
  • Lesson #6: Change mindset with your spiritual knowledge
  • Once upon, Indra Dev was upset by the villagers of Vrindavan worshipping Krishna and sought to destroy them. But Krishna saved them from Indra's anger. Realizing his mistake, Indra begged forgiveness and Krishna gave it humbly. Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes blunders. But give some time for him/her to change by forgiving him.
  • Lesson #7: True and generous friend, lover, teacher
  • When Krishna's childhood friend Sudama offered him rice, Krishna accepted the gift with great respect and joy. Sudama was so impoverished, He did not even have money to buy rice. Krishna remained a true friend and a true lover too. He considered Arjuna and Uddhava as his friend, Radha as His loving self. Krishna gave Arjuna 'Gita Updesh' during 'Mahabharata' war as a teacher. His love for Radha was so powerful that people adore them till date. Lifelong friendships are built upon love and respect.
  • Lesson #8: Equality with everyone
  • Krishna never distinguished people on the basis of their upbringing or status in the society. For him everyone was equal, whether a king, poor or even enemy. He use to had a great time with 'gopikas' of Vrindavan and cowherd folks. Krishna never treated anyone unequally.
  • Lesson #9: Ultimate strategy maker
  • When the Kauravas fought the Pandavas in 'Mahabharata', Krishna knew that the Pandavas wouldn't stand a chance against the evil Kaurava army. Also, he realized the Kauravas wouldn't have a problem breaking the rules. Krishna prepared a strategy. He did bend the rules but not break them whenever faced with an 'unfair' situation. Be aware of your situation and think practically. Sometimes you have to think out of the box.

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We are short of writing Krishna's great qualities as they are endless. These qualities made him the complete/absolute incarnation of Narayana (Vishnu). So don't just worship him, Learn from him in order to lead a delightful and successful life.