Let's Give Mother Nature Something Good In Return.

An awareness campaign by 'Nayi Soch' to find plausible solutions to conserve the magnificent gift of almighty like river Ganga and Himalayas. It is a step to encourage general public to make efforts for preserving these beauties of nature and thereby protect India's diverse culture, traditions, spirituality, physical livelihood and heritage.

We plead to come ahead and expeditiously help it for its existence till eternity.

Save Melting Life, Save The Himalayas

Himalayas known as the crown of India, is abode of snow; a mountain range which are symbolically sacred and have profoundly shaped the cultures of India. Himalayan ecosystem is vital to the ecological security of the Indian landmass. It provides forest cover (various healing Ayurvedic herbs), feeds perennial rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, Indus etc) that provide water for drinking, irrigation, and hydropower, and provides a home and a basis for sustainable biodiversity, agriculture, and tourism.

The place isn’t the same anymore!

The Himalayas are highly vulnerable to the stress caused by increased pressure of population, exploitation of natural resources and other related challenges. Climate change may adversely impact the Himalayan ecosystem through increased temperature, altered precipitation patterns, and episodes of drought.

Today Himalayas, the dwelling place of the Neelkanth Mahadev (Shiva), urges the mankind to save its sweet fragrant flora and its exotic wild fauna that stand threatened because of the human folly.

We at Nayi Soch aims at preserving the country's guardian mountain range, and attracts people across the states who will pledge for safeguarding the Himalayas as part of the campaign.

We plead to come ahead and expeditiously help it for its existence till eternity.