An Untold Story Behind Why Ravana Never Dared To Touch Sita


Posted by Sahil Singh on 4 December, 2016

Over time several additions have been made into India's greatest epic, Ramayana. There are many versions of Ramayana and it varies from region to region. Hence, it is hardly surprising that some of the tales appear with slight variations. So here we are with an untold story from Ramayana which might not know.

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We all know the great qualities about Ravan. A half-Brahmin and half-demon, Ravana was the revered devotee of Lord Shiva. Ravana was not only a stupendous warrior but also an expert of the Vedas, a maestro of Veena and the father of astrology. Everyone is aware of that incident which transformed such heroic figure into a villain - 'Sita Haran'. Ravan abducted Devi Sita cunningly when she was all alone in ‘Panchvati’ in the absence of Lord Ram and brother Laxman. Ravana kept Sita in the beautiful garden of Lanka - ‘Ashok Vatika’. It is known to all that he never forced himself on her. He could have done so, but he never forced his lust on Sita.

Ramayana Sita Haran Image Courtesy - Wordpress.

So why didn't Ravana dared to touch Sita?

While some believe that it was the divine energy of Sita that halted Ravana from behaving improperly towards her. But there is an untold story behind this.

Basically, Ravana was cursed, that stopped him approaching Sita every time.

Ravana Molested Rambha Image Courtesy - The Red News.

The story of curse dates back when Ravana was on his expedition to conquer ‘Swargaloka’. After completing his mission, Ravana was resting in the vicinity of Kubera's city. The smell of the flowers lifted his senses and the love-laden songs sung by ‘Kinnaras’ and ‘Vidhyadharas’ made Ravan prey to his own lust. It so happened by complete accident that the queen of apsaras, Rambha was passing by. According to mythology, she was regarded as one of the most beautiful women ever created. Mesmerized by her magical eyes, wavy hairs and delicate lips, Ravana filled with his desires, went on to introduce himself to Rambha and asked her to display her affections to him. Rambha explained Ravana that she was engaged to Nalakubera (son of Ravana’s half brother Kubera, the god of wealth) and actually daughter-in-law of hers. But this didn’t affect Ravana.

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But blinded by lust, Ravana went on to breach and molested Rambha against her will and left the place satiated. Devastated by what he did to her, Rambha went with folded hands to his husband Nalakubera and narrated him the whole story. Nalakubera was provoked by the way Ravana molested his wife and poured a little water to pronounce a curse on the Lanka king. According to Valmiki Ramayana, Nalakubera announced -

“Since, O blessed lady, you stand violated by him perforce, unwilling as you were, he shall no longer be able to approach any other young woman who is unwilling to accept him.”

Hearing of the aforesaid execration, which lead his hair to stand on end, Ravana, the ten-headed demon, felt no more inclined to copulate with women who were unwilling to approach him.

That is why Ravana never dared to touch Sita against her will.