Worshipping Bleeding Goddess Is Fine, But Bleeding Women Are Impure. Ironic Much!


Posted by Sahil Singh on 30 March, 2017

We have been born and brought up in a society where women are called the pride of our nation. They are considered to be a manifestation of ‘Devi’ and worshiped with much fanfare during festivals like Navratri.

We love our country and always feel proud of it’s rich culture & tradition. But this incredible country holds some disgusting stereotypes or taboos, which are still followed by few communities. We all talk about how menstruation is a huge taboo in our country, but here is something that will either change this perception of yours, or make you despise our country even more.

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Temple of Kamakhya Devi in Guwahati Image Courtesy - www.reckontalk.com

Located in the beautiful city of Guwahati (Assam), the shrine of Kamakhya Devi is not only considered sacred among the devotees of Goddess Durga but also famous for it’s uniqueness that it has no sculpture to worship, only Kamakhya's yoni or vagina is worshiped. As per the legend Devi Sati’s womb is said to have fallen at Kamakhya temple, Assam thereby gaining it’s unique significance. That’s why this holy pilgrimage is known as ‘Shaktipeetha’. But what it most ironic about the temples in India is that bleeding women are not allowed to enter the holy shrine when they are menstruating.

Incredible! isn’t it?

Yoni in the garbgrah of Kamakhya Devi Temple Image Courtesy - www.reckontalk.com

The biological cycle of menstruation, placed inside woman's body by the almighty, is treated like a suffering and they become untouchable, dirty, not to forget impure. When a woman menstruate, she is considered impure and may not participate in anything pious, religious and celebratory. Much like they become outcastes when widowed or when they can't bear children (barren). So if we go as per the society, children makes a woman complete and menstruation? the very reason why they can have children, is something that makes them dirty. Unbelievable!

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Bleeding Goddess Idol At Kamakhya Devi Temple Image Courtesy - www.reckontalk.com

It is ironic that people visit Kamakhya Devi Temple and some even claim that it is the most auspicious place in the country. The famous pilgrimage of Guwahati even celebrates annual fertility festival called ‘Ambuwasi Puja’. But conversations still turn into whispers when we openly talk about menstruation.

It’s time to take this pertinent issue up in a big way where boys and girls participate in equal measure. Especially in India where we consider a girl child as an incarnation of Maa Durga. But, a lot more needs to be done. Let us begin with our home!